My past

My name is Filip Bodnár and I am an industrial design engineer as well as a 3d artist and graphic designer.

I was born in Košice, Slovakia. I started experimenting with simple animation programs when I was around 11 years old. Gradually, my interest in animation progressed into an interest in 3d graphics and throughout High School I spent much of my free time teaching myself 3d modelling in 3ds Max and other programs with the help of internet tutorials. Realizing that it was not probable that I would make a competent CG artist without a real understanding of composition, construction and anatomy, I started attending extra-curricular lessons in drawing from reference, still lives and live models.

After High School I attended and successfully completed a 2 year study of Graphic and 3d design at The School of Applied Arts in Košice (Škola Úžitkového Umenia, ŠÚV). Here I developed my skills further and became proficient in many graphic design programs as well as acquired a multitude of new skills.

After graduating at ŠÚV in 2016 I moved to the Netherlands to study Industrial Design Engineering at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. I am currently in my last year of study.

My present and future

Currently I am working on my Graduation project. After graduating I will continue my projects and pursue a design related Masters degree.

My long term goals are to have an impact on the world through my work and to continually improve and learn along the way. I want to apply my skills and explore my own limits in creativity and problem solving.

My inspirations

I believe that for someone to be truly creative and innovative, they need to have a large and diverse mental library of works they can draw inspiration from, to combine these works and create new forms and functions from them. Partly for these reasons I get out of my comfort zone often and explore art I am not familiar with and watch lectures and stay informed on topics outside of my education and professional experience.

In my work I take inspiration from various sources. I am an avid follower of new technologies and I regularly attend various design and art events, especially design expos and trade shows. I annually attend the IOT Tech expo in RAI Amsterdam, Biela Noc in Slovakia, the Prague Design Expo and many others. I am always on the lookout for events and installations to visit or view.

I find art and literature to be great sources of inspiration. I follow several artists online such as digital artist Simon Stålenhag and game designer Lucas Pope amongst others. Visually my designs are most inspired by the works of Sid Mead (concept artist) and Dieter Rams (designer).




Phone (Slovakia): +421903340710

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