Philips shaver

This project was a semester long Minor at The Hague University of Applied sciences. I worked as part of a team with 3 other students to design an electric shaver for Philips, that adhered to their requirements.

The main requirements were for the shaver to cost less than 19€ to manufacture, and to utilize a functional solution that made it easy for a user to cut a fade haircut on themselves, using no additional tools other than the shaver itself.


Our team fulfilled the requirements by using an adjustable rotating cutting head, which allowed for different, more comfortable grips to be used when cutting the back of one's head, and an electric, motor driven, adjustable comb that made it quicker and more convenient for the user to perform the cuts needed to achieve a fade.

We worked iteratively and based our design on finding from several weeks of research. My main role was to develop the visual appearence and ergonomics of the shaver and I also created the user interface for the shaver. The other members of the team worked on the mechanics of the shaver and other aspects of it as well, although there was a large overlap of our roles and we helped each other out where we could.

We presented our design to a design team member from Philips and our tutors in December 2018.

User interface concept

This animation shows the user interface of the screen and capacitive buttons.

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